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As a support service primarily to secondary schools in the area, the local authority operate an AQA Units administration system and service. The centre acts as a liaison and co-ordinating point between the AQA examination board and ~400 secondary schools.

The main components of the original system were a number of Admin. databases covering differing years and a similar number of runtime School databases The school databases were maintained by a series of manual exports from the admin databases and then manually imported into the corresponding school databases.

Quartet were originally contracted with recovering a FileMaker Pro 5 system which had been running the service for a considerable number of years.

Apart from FileMaker Pro 5 being obsolete, the system was dated in terms of its interface and usability and Quartet were asked to provide recommendations for the future of the system.

Our recommendations were accepted and the system was redeveloped into FileMaker Pro 8.

There is now a single Admin system and a single School runtime system, which are fully integrated, i.e. there are no manual exports and imports. As well as the significant benefits in usability and functionality to the 400+ schools who are issued with the system, there are indeed resource benefits in the admin. side of the service - certain periodic tasks which took up to a week to complete with the old system can now be completed in less than a day.

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