Consolidare - Data Networking Division

The Data networking division of Consolidare required a FileMaker Pro solution to be able to record, assess and manage their Sales Leads.

The main issue facing Consolidare was that they were purchasing a number of sales leads on a monthly basis but were not adequately assessing their potential or value.

Quartet already offered a standard FileMaker Pro Developed Customer Management system - QuarData V2.0 which fitted the customer and contact components of their requirement.

We therefore developed and tailored the standard, FileMaker Pro based, QuarData V2.0 product to cater for their specific needs as well as adding a bespoke Sales Lead module to meet their requirements for assessing, valuing, assigning and tracking the progress of a Sales Lead. In addition to the main FileMaker Pro system we also provided an Uploader system which they could use to automatically upload the lead list that they received monthly.

One of the additional benefits of the FileMaker Pro solution to Consolidare was that they now also had a database of Architects, Project Managers, Surveyors etc who were also potential customers of their services.


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