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Jazz Publishing publish a number of magazines all of which are available on Subscription. Originally Jazz's Subscriptions processing was operated from a large flat unstructured subscriber file and although this system had served them well to date, it was beginning to suffer from a number of issues.

Apart from some of the data and subscriber issues, the system was resource intensive for managing both the subscriber base as well as operating & controlling merchandise & back issue sales. In addition, as Jazz also wished to collect Direct Debit payments as well as publish New titles, it was time for a new system.

Their current system was originally developed in FileMaker 7 but has since been upgraded to FileMaker Pro 8 and now FileMaker Pro 8.5.

The system has allowed Jazz to grow its Titles and enable them to create and offer other Subscriptions including Introductory, Discounted as well as a number of Direct Debit methods (i.e Monthly, Quarterly, Biannually & Annually).

Our FileMaker Pro solution has provided Jazz with a much better understanding of their customer base, not only in terms of their subscribers, but also purchasers of merchandise and competition entrants. As a result the system allows them to provide an improved subscriber service as well as options to increase and maintain their subscriber base.

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