School Lunches

School Lunches

The Lunches system was developed in FileMaker Pro 8.5 as part of our support to the Local Community. It is in essence a straightforward system used at a local primary school to record, manage and administer School Lunches for all pupils and staff.

The system has to take into account the different lunch costs depending on whether the Pupil is an Infant, a Junior or an Adult if it is a Teacher having lunch. In addition some pupils are provided with a Free Lunch, others forget their packed lunch and need to be provided with a lunch. Inevitably pupils forget their lunch money so the system also needs to maintain a record of both money collected and money owed.

Although a simple system it has been estimated that it saves approx 4hrs administration time a week for the School Secretary - which in this case is significant, as the role is only part time. This system also demonstrates the power and flexibility of FileMaker Pro as a tool and as this is a runtime system there has been no cost to the school in software licenses.

As an added benefit the school cook has a much more accurate and timely record of the number of lunches required, resulting in less waste as well as reduced cost..

Pupil Lunches


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