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YD Image already had a very comprehensive web site - www.ydmage.com where the latest celebrity images were uploaded. The site is well known and well used by their customers which includes the picture editors of National Newspapers and Celebrity Magazines as well as a number of respected International Photo Agencies.

However, YD Image had no database or system for recording Sales, issuing Invoices and managing commission Payments to their freelance photographers.

In a reverse from the usual scenario, the FileMaker Pro solution developed by Quartet downloads the image and image details directly from the YD Image web site. The downloaded Image and details, form an image FileMaker Pro database from which Sales, Invoices and Photographer payments can be generated, tracked and managed.

The FileMaker Pro solution allows YD Image to track all their Customers, Contacts, Photographers and Images as well as the Sale of those images and the resulting invoices and photographer payments.

As many sales are made internationally the FileMaker Pro solution is also designed to manage Sales and Invoicing in multiple currencies.

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